Bringing together leading cybersecurity technology with optimized processes and organizational design.

There is no silver bullet to permanently and absolutely protect data
  • Cybersecurity is an ongoing journey to understand and defend against the growing and changing threat landscape
  • Every enterprise requires a cybersecurity strategy unique for their industry, their environment and their organization
  • Great technology must be coupled with the right processes and the right people
Deeper Solution works Best-In-Class Cybersecurity Technology to provide optimized people, process and technology to organizations of all sizes with critical data security needs

Who Needs to Worry About Cybersecurity?

Government Contractors

Electric Utilities

Electric Utilities are targets of both Hacktivist and State Actors.

Communication Service Providers (CSP)​

In an information age communication service providers  not only provide connectivity it is increasing controlling and distributing content.

Financial Services

Finance is, arguably, the most regulated industry in the world. Every financial institution is regulated by multiple organizations.

Government contractors provide a large variety of products and services to federal, state and local agencies. 


Marketing Entry Consulting

Bringing the Best of Israeli Cybersecurity into the U.S. Comercial and Government Markets 


Deeper Solutions has extensive experience in building out processes and developing organization design.

Cybersecurity Compliance & Operations Consulting

Deeper Solutions has extensive experience in building out processes and developing organization design.

About Deeper Solutions

David Roggen has 20 years of experience in Strategy Consulting and Consultative Sales. He has worked with Israeli technology companies since 1995 when he had his first job in technology at Scitex

David was an Associate Partner at IBM focusing on market and operations strategy consulting for multinational telecommunication companies and large domestic electric utilities.

Since 2016 David has been CEO of Deeper Solutions providing operations and market entry consulting as well as Sales Facilitation

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Deeper Solutions mission is to help companies of all sizes address their cybersecurity challenges.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions on Cybersecurity.  If we don't know the answer we know someone who does. 

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